Perfect Video Conferencing: Pushing the Limits of Video Conferencing

Randy Marcotte, Co-Founder & CEO
Gone are the days when video conference was intended to solve only travel and meeting related pain points; today, enterprises are opting for solutions based on the niche requirements of their staff as opposed to merely reducing travel time and related expenses. However, technological advancements like the cloud and mobile have brought in massive disruptions into video conferencing resulting in a myriad of choices, confusing these adopters. At the forefront of offering channel-friendly video conferencing solutions from manufacturers that guarantee quality, value, and scalability, is Perfect Video Conferencing (PVC)— an organization enjoying the support of several specialists in Audio-Visual (AV) and Unified Communication systems. “We are a trusted advisor not merely for AV system deployment and software services, but also for integration of video communications into clients’ technology ecosystems. In short, we deliver the PERFECT video conferencing,” says Randy N. Marcotte, President and CEO at PVC.

“Efficiency” and “Effectiveness” serve as the guiding principles at PVC for serving customers whom Marcotte considers the “captains of the ship.” He asserts that the PVC team believes in listening to the customers as they know their requirements best. After learning about the problems faced by customers, Marcotte also mentions that PVC makes them understand “where they are in their path to meet their needs and not just tell them what they need.” Following this, an appropriate conferencing solution and the potential benefits they could bring are evaluated and suggested to the customer. A consensus between the two parties helps in reaching the service level agreements (SLAs) faster. If clients require services that PVC cannot offer, the company brings its network of partners onboard. Once there is clarity on what has to be achieved, PVC’s team moves quickly without compromising on the project objectives or negatively impacting the quality, by constantly balancing the achievement of customers’ requirements and the customer-specified timelines. Adequate care is taken to ensure a low TCO and high ROI. “It is not how customers fit into what we do, but about how we fit into their needs,” states Marcotte.

We deliver the PERFECT video conferencing

After deploying the video conferencing solution for the customers, PVC checks the infrastructure at the clients’ site periodically to review the performance. To support its clientele better, the company has provided self-service tools through which customers can raise tickets regarding their problems, which PVC would attend to. The acing quality of services and solutions offered by PVC helped a Southern California-based manufacturer having six regional offices in the U.S. The executive leaders in the regional offices were frequent travelers shuttling between the headquarters and their home-bases to review performance metrics, which resulted in productivity and expenditure lost to long travel durations. When attempts to carry out the activities online using simple USB cameras yielded poor audio quality, PVC was brought on board. They deployed their partner Lifesize’s cloud-based conference solution, empowering the client with auto-updates on all devices, a unified directory, and above all, best quality of audio and video. Although deployed to minimize travel, the conferencing solution brought additional benefits helping the customer perform activities like sales, training, and recruitment more effectively.

Forging ahead, PVC is gearing up to launch a website to enable customers to examine the various conferencing products with ease. Free demos and user assessments are also planned to be offered to help customers decide their internal use cases and needs to ensure higher adoption level and satisfaction. “We can help our customers see and predict the outcomes of using our products. That drives the adoption of the right technology and eventually, ‘adaption’ - the process of adapting to change in the organization and adoption of the technology to benefit the business,” concludes Marcotte.

Perfect Video Conferencing

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Randy Marcotte, Co-Founder & CEO

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