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Jeff Davis, CEO
After the invention of the telephone an artist, George du Maurier imagined a "telephonoscope" that transmitted not only sound but projected images on the wall. Thanks to the technological advancement over the last few decades, the telephonoscope has become a reality, and a video call has become a normal mode of communication. Similarly, in organizations, the mode of communication has changed over the years. Messengers took over emails, and video conferencing took over voice calls. Changing with the trend, Avidex, a communications management company, delivers innovative AV solutions that enable organizations and enterprises to collaborate, create, and share ideas through the most sophisticated audiovisual and unified communication technologies. “Our organization is replete with highly trained designers, engineers, technicians, and client service professionals, providing an unparalleled breadth of design and implementation competencies,” says Jeff Davis, CEO of Avidex.

Avidex provides solutions for every division of an organization. Whether it is a meeting space, boardroom, or conference room, Avidex creates reliable audiovisual and unified communications environments that increase productivity, innovation, and collaboration. Similarly, the organization equips employee training facilities with AV and UC systems to facilitate learning while engaging both the instructors and pupils. Avidex understands how a dynamic audiovisual experience can build connections, showcase brand value, and drive growth. Therefore, the organization empowers the executive briefing and customer experience center to offer a shared experience between their employees, executives, and the clients they wish to connect with or gain. Furthermore, Avidex helps their clients create a beautiful, yet productive and functional AV environment in specialty spaces such as all hands room, auditorium, campus eatery, conference center, lobby, and reception.

As a communication management company, Avidex understands the significance of listening and understanding their client’s vision and requirements. The entire process helps them best define their client’s project scope, present needs, and future expansion plans. The first step is followed by the AV design and engineering experts’ recommending a reliable, cost-effective AV, and UC solution to meet client objectives, timelines, and collaboration needs. The third step is building and handling all aspects of the project, such as procurement, logistics, installation, testing, documentation, and training for the best customer experience in the industry.

Our organization is replete with highly trained designers, engineers, technicians, and client service professionals, providing an unparalleled breadth of design and implementation competencies

Once the entire project is functional, Avidex combines the best-certified industry professionals with their comprehensive 360-degree managed services portfolio for complete client support.

Avidex designed and integrated world-class audiovisual systems throughout the 280,000 square feet of Adobe’s campus and amenities building located in Lehi, Utah. The organization developed and implemented advanced technology solutions for Adobes’ network operations center, video-teleconferencing rooms, and presentation systems all designed to work seamlessly through single touch user-friendly controls. The entire project included 53 audiovisual spaces consisting of 9 different experiences and a variety of one-off systems. Avidex equipped the network operation centers’ video wall with 24 NEC LCDs that helps their employees to monitor critical company systems. In the customer experience center, Avidex installed forty 10.2-inch video monitors, displaying client's logos, wall-mounted in patterns along the hallway. Furthermore, multiple training rooms were equipped with projectors, monitors, and dual projectors, depending on the size of each room.

To expand their solutions portfolio, Avidex acquired Digital Networks Group Inc. (DNG), a Southern California based technology systems integrator specializing in turnkey audiovisual and information technology. Both the companies share a common philosophy of strong client relationships, operational excellence, innovative solutions, and commitment to their employees. Further, Avidex has entered into an exclusive distributorship of Clevertouch premium interactive touch screen solutions. In 2018, Avidex was listed on the 9th position in SCN’s Top 50 Systems Integrators.


Bellevue, WA

Jeff Davis, CEO

Avidex is an innovative leader in the design, integration, project management, equipment procurement, and support services of audiovisual and collaboration solutions. It is an award-winning team of AV industry veterans who have designed and integrated thousands of unified collaboration and audiovisual solutions. Avidex successfully partners with clients to provide the best possible experience implementing AV, collaboration and multimedia technologies to meet their communication goals. The AV experts at Avidex have the background and knowledge to provide you with the best possible experience in implementing audiovisual and multimedia technologies for any project, event or facility. In addition to system design, installation and rental, Avidex offers a broad range of managed services and support options including full-time on-site staff and audiovisual asset management