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Joe Divona, President
ITAV Solutions takes home our top spot as “AV Consultants of the Year”! While ITAV is a full-service audiovisual firm offering comprehensive AV design, installation, and post-installation services, they won our top AV Consultants of the Year spot as they are first and foremost AV Consultants.

Historically, IT and AV systems were like bad neighbors who could never see eye to eye. Now, with AV adopting IT’s mindset of open standards, network centricity, scalability, security, centralized monitoring and maintenance, the two industries have effectively merged, paving the need for trusted consultants who are experts in both areas – this is ITAV Solutions. We are Consultants who are vendor agnostic and have waded through the overload of AV products impacting the consumer, prosumer, and professional marketplace. Headquartered in San Diego, ITAV Solutions has a national presence assisting clients in the assessment, development, and coordination of their AV requirements. Certified through every major OEM to design high end, open, and value based AV systems – ITAV’s goal is for customers to fully understand their options in order to make the best business decisions for their specific desire, budget, and need.

While engaging with a client, ITAV Solutions conducts a needs assessment to understand how the end user will use the system, what business objectives are to be solved and the fiscal impacts. Based on this information, the ITAV engineering team develops a fully engineered proposal, which is delivered to the client and discussed in a manner that is consultative, not “salesy”. After further revisions and client feedback, the final plan is delivered, which includes line diagrams, location drawings, a detailed scope of work, and a complete parts list.

The company takes pride in adopting a conservative IT approach from testing solutions to audiovisual implementations. “We test our products by pitting competitive devices against one another to achieve a true comprehensive analysis, independent of manufacturer involvement,” states Joe Divona, President of ITAV Solutions. The product’s test results are considered the standard for a client’s roadmap for upgrading. This standardization allows their customers to have much better adoption, ease of use, and ability to support.

ITAV’s goal is for customers to fully understand their options in order to make the best business decisions for their specific desire, budget, and need

What also makes ITAV Solutions a game changer is that they are a coast to coast service-oriented company, managing day-to-day AV needs with ease - a simple concept that that plagues the AV industry and their customers. Built on the Salesforce platform, a highly customized customer relationship management (CRM) system fuels their ability to effectively manage the operations of all projects handled by the company – from large scale deployments to the immediate need for a service call. This allows ITAV Solutions to manage their clients efficiently as well as proactively reporting status updates, tracking, and the relevant “big data” analytics. “Our CRM system gives us job costing, reporting, project management, scalability and customer insight from the largest projects down to the smallest service calls,” remarks Divona. “I’m a systems guy with an IT background in CRM application design. It was my dream to build a scalable company with systems that are customer centric, but allow uncapped growth. I think we did it!” the president adds.

As Divona narrates the company’s many success stories there is a common theme that emerges. The integrity to treat the customer as if they were Joe’s own company. Doing what is right, often not “selling” anything, as the long term relationship is more important to them than any short term sale.

Since its inception, ITAV Solutions has been constantly perfecting their audiovisual business model with systems that are highly scalable. The company is set to maximize the benefits of their existing systems and reach out to the masses.

ITAV Solutions

San Diego, CA

Joe Divona, President

ITAV solutions is based at San Diego, CA. The services extended by the firm range from assisted listening, camera systems, consulting, ceiling speakers to audio/video conferencing, design build, only design, category cabling, fibre, digital signage, digital screens and projectors, consulting to Flat Panel LCD/LED TVs , Paging systems, nurse call and video walls. The firm has a strong presence across verticals such as Biotech, education, legal, military, nuclear, gaming, educational etc besides many others

ITAV Solutions