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William Gresham, Owner
“Space is no longer just about a chair or table. It’s more than that. Space can enliven, enrich, and optimize an experience,” begins William Gresham, Owner, McWaters. McWaters established in 1945 as an office supply company quickly transformed into a Steelcase Furniture dealer, and has been committed to helping customers with their spaces for the past 75 years. Evolving over time, McWaters has developed a thorough understanding of market insights, trends, and applications, which is the foundation for its holistic approach to office design. Today, the company offers furniture, flooring, and relocation solutions along with high quality, reliable audio-visual technology integration. McWaters provides a one-stop solution, eliminating the hassle of dealing with multiple suppliers and the difficulties that come with it.

By partnering with McWaters, businesses can achieve their optimum level of performance by equipping their workplace with the latest audio-visual aids, furniture, and interior design trends. McWaters’ expert audio-visual team includes a consultant, programmer, design engineer, project manager, and installers who work with clients to transform their workplace technology into an intuitive and user-friendly system. For the optimal experience inside the workplace, seamless integration between furniture and technology is quintessential, and McWaters understands it well. “We integrate technology and furniture to make sure that what’s on the conference table works seamlessly with what’s on the wall,” mentions Gresham. Whether it is room schedulers, interactive displays, and kiosks, digital signage, or integrated conference tables, McWaters is capable of handling any requirements modern clientele may have.

McWaters’ process begins with an initial meeting, where a consultant, A/V designer, and interior designer meet with the client to discuss the scope of the project. The team helps the client select products and services that best meet their needs. The next step involves interior design and space planning wherein products and services are selected to determine an initial budget.

We integrate technology and furniture to make sure that what’s on the conference table works seamlessly with what’s on the wall

Once final selections are made, specifications and pricing are finalized and submitted to the client, and upon approval, final orders are placed.

In one such instance, a client approached McWaters with room scheduling issues. The company knew from their scheduling software that their conference room was reserved constantly, but not for its intended use: individuals were using the 12-person meeting space to make private phone calls. Using the software’s data McWaters determined the amount of time employees spent at their workstations and in collaboration areas like the conference room, and the data from their system helped McWaters design collaboration spaces, private offices, workstations, and lounge areas that utilized the real estate and technology the client already had, solving their scheduling problem. McWaters understands that the workplace should work harder for the people who use them—not the other way around.

By offering such an extensive line of services, McWaters stays ahead of the pack as a one-stop holistic solution provider. Their geographical reach across four different showrooms where customers can walk in, test different furniture lines, and see the design process and technology integration in action—makes McWaters among the very few companies offering the real experience of solutions they provide. “We have the right expertise to help with every phase of your project from flooring to furniture to technology. We partner with industry-leading brands like Steelcase and Crestron to create the most practical and beautiful spaces for our clients,” concludes Gresham.


Columbia, SC

William Gresham, Owner

McWaters have been assisting customers in effectively managing their spaces. The company relies on years of experience in understanding market trends, insights and applications. McWaters extends an all-inclusive approach towards understanding customer’s requirements, business goals and challenges to derive the best solution. The enterprise has over 70 years of service in furniture, audio-visual technology, relocation services, flooring and architectural walls. The McWaters customers belong to different sectors including Corporate, Education, Government, Technology and Healthcare