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Rabindra Narine, Director
A meeting room is an essential component of a workspace. It is a place where creativity flows, ideas are brought to fruition, and crucial business decisions are made. Despite this, most of the commercial buildings’ conference rooms or spaces are outdated. That’s why businesses often find it difficult to rightly communicate with their teams. The situation has become more complicated in the post-pandemic scenario where teams work from their homes as well as offices. Organizations today need to ensure better collaboration among remote workers. However, in most cases, their existing wireless infrastructure is not ready to cope with this evolving requirement. To this end, 4 Pair Communications streamlines audio and video communications for clients by offering cutting-edge solutions, including copper and fiber cabling, DAS, and many others.

With an expert team of project managers, installers, technicians, and engineers, 4 Pair Communications helps SMBs and enterprise companies with AV and technology solution design, installation, consultancy, and support. “We are a small and nimble company based out of New York City that serves both residential and commercial customers. Although our primary objective is to handle audio visual and telecommunications infrastructure, we are now including building security into our core service offering,” says Rabindra Narine, Director, 4 Pair Communications.

More importantly, the company customizes all the solutions according to businesses’ unique needs—mostly by working in liaison with their client company’s technology managers, CIOs, and COOs. 4 Pair Communications’ expert team also interviews end-users to help them understand the technology. “Employees are the ones who will ultimately use the conference rooms. So, by engaging them from the beginning of the process, we ensure client satisfaction,” says Narine.

4 Pair Communications works with leading AV manufacturers like Extron and Crestron. As a result, they can bring cutting-edge solutions to address the clients’ ever-changing business needs. “Be it a large conference room or a small one, we can exercise the same level of efficiency,” says Narine. To put things into perspective, Narine highlights 4 Pair Communications’ recent collaboration with a financial institution.

Although our primary objective is to handle audio visual and telecommunications infrastructure, we are now including building security into our core service offering

“The client was not satisfied with their existing AV solution that was not user-friendly. In such a situation, the company conducted several meetings with end-users to understand their specific requirements,” adds Narine. They were finally able to re-engineer the solution accordingly—allowing the financial entity to streamline their communication process.

Backed by the prowess of many such instances of client success, 4 Pair Communications always strives to explore new avenues of growth. In the coming years, the company aims to expand its solution portfolio as well as its geographical footprint. They want to work more extensively with start-ups to help them build their communication strategy based on best-in-class technology. Also, witnessing businesses’ growing need for a partner to add new functionalities into their existing video conferencing solutions, 4 Pair Communications has decided to enhance its service offering. What’s more? The company has plans to offer more robust building security solutions that will include thermal solutions.

Indeed, despite being a start-up, 4 pair communications has carved a niche in the AV solutions space with its expertise in AV and technology solution design, installation, consultancy, and support. This has been possible due to its focus on continuous innovation and adapting to the ever-evolving market dynamics. “We always keep ourselves updated with the ever-changing technology trends to help clients achieve all their goals. This is why even during the unprecedented challenges presented by the pandemic, we have been able to address diverse client requirements,” Narine concludes.

4 Pair Communications News

4 Pair Communications Adds Another Technology Leader To The Team

Brooklyn, NY - 4 Pair Communications, a leader in AudioVisual Systems Integration & Telecommunications Cabling Infrastructure adds Frank Femoyer as Executive Vice President of Business Strategy within the Executive Management team. A leader and engineering visionary, Frank brings over a decade of prowess in managing multi-disciplined, multi-office large-scale technical efforts and divergent technical thinking to guide and gain accounts.

“Embodying that relationships are the most important part of all business, we can then enforce the core values here at 4 Pair Communications, integrity, authenticity, trust, and respect.” Being part of

Frank has a multifaceted background in AV Engineering & Consulting for corporate technology build outs and a keen ability to design innovative immersive digital experiences.

“We are glad to have Frank onboard, not only does he bring operational excellence, he supports the team with positive thinking and a bright outlook. Something we all need after keeping afloat through quarantines and lockdowns is great optimism,” says Rabindra Narine, Director, Engineering & Estimating. “Frank has been a long time colleague, and consultant that our team and clients will appreciate as we continue to grow.”

4 Pair Communications

New York City, NY

Rabindra Narine, Director

With a team of project managers, installers, technicians and engineers, 4 Pair Communications help SMBs and enterprise companies with AV and technology solution design, installation, consultancy and support

4 Pair Communications