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Sam Nord, VP of Global Sales
Building a solid customer-centric business culture requires a lot more than just promptly answering customers’ queries or merely offering products or services without knowing their exact requirements. A positive and satisfactory customer outcome comes from a company culture that centers its decisions around customer experience and relevant market needs. Such is the approach adopted by Listen Technologies, which has helped the company become a leading provider of advanced wireless listening solutions for over 22 years. “Our brand philosophy is simple; we create products that solve problems and help people engage in the experiences they enjoy. We have a well-oiled machine to take the feedback from our customers and translate it into building newer and better solutions for them,” says Sam Nord, Vice- President, Global Channel Sales, Listen Technologies.

Be it rolling out a new solution or enhancing an existing one, Listen Technologies ensures everything is done in alignment to customer requirements. In this regard, the company has rolled out a comprehensive range of assistive listening devices such as ListenTALK, ListenEVERYWHERE, and ListenIR. Highly effective in overcoming the challenges pertaining to noise, distance, and hearing loss, Listen’s solutions deliver personalized audio in venues of any setting such as guided and self-guided tours, educational institutions, and theatreenvironments, to name a few.

ListenTALK is one of the company's sought-after offerings. It is a simple yet powerful group communication tool ideal for personal and assistive listening, language interpretation, guided tours, and group training. The company’s other product lines, ListenRF, ListenIR, and ListenEVERYWHERE, which is streaming streaming wireless audio over Wi-Fi, provide venues with several options to be suit their needs. . In 2019, Listen Technologies expanded its offerings by adding Listen NAVILUTIOJN to their offering, it facilitates the delivery of multilingual and bilingual tour content on transportation vessels such as buses, boats, trains, or any moving vehicle.
Listen’s products proved to be particularly useful in the wake of COVID-19. The devices worked tremendously well in loud environmentswhere speakers had barriers to communication including masks and other protective gear, as well as physical distance. Take courthouses, for example, where it became difficult to make sidebar conversations owing to social distancing measures. Having Listen’s product allows courts to ensure crystal clear communication without sacrificing any safety precautions. One of Listen’s clients, Duracell Aarschot, needed employees on-site for production on the plant floor. However, face masks and distance on an already noisy floor created barriers to communications and safety. To this end, ListenTALK seamlessly enabled a two-way communication system, allowing frontline teams to continue business operations while maintaining a safe distance. Similarly, as students started coming back to the classroom settings, Listen provided the tools to manage a positive hearing experience. “We have been delivering exceptional audio experiences and helping people engage with one another in challenging hearing environments,” mentions Nord.

The leaders at Listen motivate their workforce by imparting a deep understanding of what sounds mean for the people who can’t hear and the belief that everyone should connect to experiences with pure, focused sound. What has helped the company continue delivering its value proposition is the ideology of enabling great hearing experiences and serving customers’ needs, which are always part of the company’s roadmap. The popular adage, "to know the future, one must know the past," stands true for Listen Technologies as they base their product development on past footprints. Besides enhancing its current product offerings, Listen’s continues to develop all of its product lines, one of which is ListenEVERYWHERE. “What we have done all along and what we continue to do is collect feedback from our customers, it will remain at the forefront of entertaining their needs and demands,” concludes Nord.

Listen Technologies

Bluffdale, UT

Sam Nord, VP of Global Sales

Listen Technologies is a leader in advanced wireless listening space providing a comprehensive range of personalized assistive hearing devices