AVI-SPL: At the Helm of Audio and Video Technology Innovation

In the COVID-19 pandemic-stricken world, businesses were forced to ponder the question, “Is there any definitive way to continue operations without interruption?” In an attempt to find an answer, companies across the world pivoted to remote working models, adopting new digital tools and processes to help their teams stay productive. Collaboration technology with innovative audio and video solutions can seamlessly enable this transition by mimicking the in person experience in remote environments. Committed to helping organizations worldwide to improve collaboration and unlock new value is AVI-SPL. “Our customers are no longer looking at AVI SPL in a transactional, one-and-done nature. Nor are they looking to contact multiple vendors, in various locations, and have the same discussion about their goals and objectives countless times. They are looking for a dedicated partner to help guide them through this challenging initiative,” says Tim Riek, Executive Vice President of Technology and Solutions at AVI-SPL. As a leading digital enablement solutions provider, AVI-SPL digitally transforms the way the world works, learns, and lives. The company enables business teams to meet and share content in real-time virtually from anywhere with communications and conferencing, networked audio and video, and online learning technologies.

Drawing upon its years of experience, AVI-SPL works with clients to understand their goals and deliver collaboration solutions tailored to their needs. The company aims to provide digital workplace collaboration and meeting solutions that connect physical work areas, virtual collaboration spaces, and remote workforces. Enterprises can build or upgrade their cloud-based and networked audio/video (AV) conferencing meeting rooms as AVI-SPL is ready to support their digital transformation strategy and improve team collaboration with solutions from Cisco, Crestron, Microsoft, Logitech, Poly, and Zoom. Helping companies turn the dream of an ideal digital workplace into reality, AVI-SPL helps design, build, manage, and monitor collaboration technology solutions that help companies attract and retain talent, improve efficiency, and boost video adoption and productivity.

AVI-SPL brings to customers Cre storm’s AV-over-IP solutions to help customers transform audio and video distribution. With this high-quality, low-bandwidth net worked AV, smart, cost-conscious companies can effectively distribute their audio and video signals between rooms and buildings to reach, engage, and inform employees and guests. AV over IP sends and receives AV anytime and anywhere without sacrificing quality while adding network management and optimization that enhances this “anytime, anywhere” capability.
AVI-SPL’s advanced visualization and simulation technology enables research teams to make data-driven decisions with the help of business intelligence and analytics data via immersive 2D and 3D audio-visual presentations. Additionally, the technology helps higher education students review and understand complex information, gather insights, interact, and make decisions. AVI SPL provides audio-visual technology that includes a high-resolution stereoscopic projection and 3D computer graphics to create virtual environments that allow users to interact with data.

I am looking forward to working with the team to expand on existing strategies and evaluate new opportunities to deliver dependable, best-in class service for our customers

Realizing that digital signage is the most engaging way to connect with audiences and create a “wow” factor, AVI-SPL offers innovative digital signage, interactive experiences, and video wall solutions to grow sales and boost customer engagement. From Wayfinding (touchless or interactive) and Room Scheduling to Environmental Sensor Integration and Guest Registration Services, the company offers a wide range of digital signage applications. The AVI SPL team leverages high-definition large format displays to build their digital signage applications. By using this latest LCD and LED technology, customers can deliver vivid, memorable messages. On the other hand, the company’s video wall display options, including bezel-less screens, provide near seamless designs.

The list of technology solutions offered by AVI-SPL is never ending. The company’s highly-trained team works hand-in-hand with customers to strategize, design, deploy, manage and support simple-to-use, scalable, serviceable, and measurable AV and UC solutions. “I am looking forward to working with the team to expand on existing strategies and evaluate new opportunities to deliver dependable, best-in-class service for our customers,” notes Riek.


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John Zettel Chief Executive Officer

AVI-SPL is a digital enablement solutions provider that works with organizations globally to improve team collaboration and unlock new business value

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