AVI-SPL: Building the Culture of Collaboration

John Zettel, CEO It is “absolute magic” when one walks past the doors of the Boeing Collaboration Center at Arlington, VA, into the sprawling 7,500 square feet expanse. Greeted by Boeing’s rich 100-year history of sophisticated fighter jets, space exploration initiatives, unmanned underwater systems, and many futuristic gizmos on life-sized displays, video walls, and interactive tables, the Collaboration Center is practically the aerospace pioneer’s carnival barker. With the tremendous ‘One Boeing Wall’ guests experience presentations, webcasts and flight simulations; as well as engage in two-way video and audio conferences with remote participants including key Boeing executives or subject matter experts worldwide. The Center was successful in its vision of wanting to take customers to the next level of experience and promote an exclusive way of engaging with Boeing’s global customers, by presenting its capabilities via an immersive audiovisual (AV) environment.

Behind the awe-inspiring customer experience of Boeing Collaboration Center is AVI-SPL, a trailblazer in the AV industry that combines the audio, video, and control systems into a single user interface, enabling Boeing’s customers to interact with the smallest 7 inch displays to enormous video walls. The idea of bringing forth an opportunity for customers “to experience Boeing in a way that they have not seen before” has been a hit for the company, thanks to AVI-SPL. “We take the time to understand the way organizations currently work and what steps it is going to take to achieve unparallel customer experience,” says John Zettel, CEO of AVI-SPL. “We can then recommend a system design or go further and specify a comprehensive set of solutions that will provide the most benefit to the organizations.”

Productive Meeting Spaces

From meeting rooms to stadiums and control rooms to distance learning environments, AVI-SPL offers an end-to-end service framework for the design, build management, and support of AV and collaboration technology. The firm simplifies AV system control, monitors assets, and enables colleagues, customers, and vendors to work together through cloud-based video collaboration, without the intervention of an AV expert. Built on a web-oriented architecture, the firm’s intelligent framework effortlessly interacts with current and emerging interface technologies for real-time, ubiquitous, and mobile access of any meeting resource.

"We take the time to understand the way organizations currently work and what steps it is going to take to achieve unparallel customer experience"

AVI-SPL’s cornerstone technology is its Symphony Platform, which is specifically designed to monitor and manage AV collaboration systems, view real-time call statistics, run system diagnostics, launch video calls, schedule meetings as well as perform actionable analytics via a single interactive dashboard. By utilizing the Symphony interface, users can quickly visualize systems that are active and if a conference is launched properly, its system usage, success rate, and performance reports, regardless of the location and time.

Power of Collaboration in the Hands of Team

To foster efficient workplace transformation, Symphony connects a variety of the AV and video collaboration devices to the user’s network, so that it can be monitored and managed remotely. It integrates with other systems such as Microsoft Exchange and Active Directory to provide end-users with an unprecedented level of scheduling experience as well as automated and efficient user provisioning and management. The AVI-SPL and Microsoft synergy helps to improve the way organizations operate by giving them the tools to work smarter–significantly offering the most extensive solutions package for nurturing an efficient workplace. “The enterprise customer also embraces Microsoft’s true UC solution—Lync,” says Zettel. “Becoming Microsoft Gold Partner bolsters our unified communications platform; we now offer hosted, hybrid, and on-premise Lync deployments to cover every aspect of the digital workplace transformation.”

Becoming Microsoft Gold Partner bolsters our unified communications platform; we now offer hosted, hybrid, and on-premise Lync deployments to cover every aspect of the digital workplace

From managing an AV presentation, international video conference to updating the digital signage, AVI-SPL has a unique control system to keep participants connected and in control. Since quality and functionality of the end points and infrastructure has become the main concern for any video meeting and conference calls, AVI-SPL gives its clients and users the opulence of having a comprehensive IT department that incessantly verifies whether the AV equipments and components are operating as expected.

Video Collaboration Solution Specialist

AVI-SPL’s managed services empower organizations with the best video and AV technology in the market, and provide the knowledge, resources, and assistance that make communications seamless and productive. To ensure that client receives the right implementation services, the company offers remote, hosted, and hybrid models of its managed services—further helping them meet their business goals successfully.

The firm also integrates its maintenance and managed services resources with on-premises solutions for proactive monitoring of video conferencing and integrated room environment. By allowing its client to leverage third-party products, such as Cisco TMS and DMS, Polycom CMA/DMA, Lifesize Control, Crestron Fusion, AMX RMS, and Extron GlobalViewer, AVI-SPL lets users view the status of every room and device across the organization. This further enables facilities managers to make efficient use of all available rooms, find the rooms and tools that need to be productive, and also swiftly notify when technical issues arise.

In addition, AVI-SPL embeds its proprietary business process automation module into its managed services to help users govern and customize their business rules, thresholds, and workflows.

The module focuses on conference, incident and escalation management, endpoint scheduling, reporting and networking as well.

An Ultimate System for Patient Care

One of AVI-SPL’s key differentiators is its ability to cater to a broad spectrum of industries, including large IT enterprises, government, education, and healthcare institutions to name a few. For instance, the University of Toledo Interprofessional Immersive Simulation Center—a home for nearly 3,000 healthcare students—consists of three interconnected centers that fosters interdisciplinary collaboration for advanced interprofessional education. Since physicians keep constantly adding numerous learning materials to their curriculum, assimilating content in classrooms was imperative to effectively teach healthcare students and professionals on how to deliver efficient patient care. The client wanted a reliable partner to combine the complex audio, video, and control systems into one interactive environment that uses advanced visualization systems to train healthcare professionals and students. AVI-SPL integrated video collaboration, digital signage, IPTV, and other AV devices into an intelligent system, enabling departments to seamlessly collaborate and transfer knowledge and skills for creating new research opportunities, which ultimately benefited the patients.

What’s more, AVI-SPL’s solutions light up communications for almost 86 percent of the Fortune 100 companies, through its best-in-class partner network ranging from AV heavyweights, monitor/display manufacturers, and control system designers to video technology providers. With certified experts, AVI-SPL offers the most advanced, secure and effective cloud-based video collaboration tool for colleagues, customers, and vendors to work together efficiently. The firm also prides itself on its ability to scale technical products and service to any business requisite and goal. A big game changer for AVI-SPL has been its strong and fast-growing set of Microsoft capabilities—Office 365, Microsoft Intune, Enterprise Mobility Suite, Microsoft Azure, Microsoft Dynamics CRM online, which has helped large organizations reach their goal of unified communications and collaboration. Being a certified service provider for all major manufacturers, AVI-SPL offers a 24/7 customer support—ensuring reliability of AV systems, alongside minimizing downtime.

Zettel points-out AVI-SPL’s recent acquisition of VideoLink that adds value to its company's portfolio—making them a "one-stop shop" for customers seeking to build the workplace of tomorrow. “VideoLink's suite of solutions allows us to create corporate broadcast videos that are broadcast-quality, that can either be administered or edited in-house /remotely—creating really a high-quality content for the workplace," adds Zettel.

The Road Ahead

While many of its nearest competitors have a regional focus, AVI-SPL serves customers across the globe with a strong footprint in key geographies outside North America. The firm has also formed various partnerships in Australia and Asia and boosts operations in 41 offices and three video Network Operation Centers (vNOCs) across North America, Europe, and the Middle East. Continuing with its strategic expansion initiative, AVI-SPL has opened its newest Global Service Operations Centre (GSOC) in London recently. “Since, most of the organizations today have realized that video communication is the new standard for professional collaboration, we ensure these systems run seamlessly, and develop a technology roadmap that will keep them communicating effectively for years to come,” concludes Zettel.


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John Zettel, CEO

Develops solutions that simplify AV system control, monitor assets, and enable colleagues, customers, and vendors to work together through cloud-based video collaboration

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