Unified AV Systems: Enabling Future-Ready Communications

Barry Goldin, President
The audiovisual industry has made a paradigm shift from personal CRT televisions to sophisticated business solutions for audio, video, IP, lighting, shades, and even climate control—enabling organizations to save travel expenses and time associated with face-to-face communication. Unified AV Systems (UAVS) is one such enterprise that specializes in solutions for the corporate boardroom, training room presentation, and collaborative audio and video conferencing. The company delivers a complete spectrum of innovative audio-visual (AV) solutions and technical services, improving collaboration, decision-making process, and inter-company communication.

With 25 years of experience in boardroom AV, presentation systems and training room solutions, and AV conferencing/telepresence rooms, UAVS leads as a premier professional AV Integrator in the market. UAVS excels in innovative design, engineering, installation, and maintenance services for AV communication systems to corporate, education, healthcare, government, military, and religious entities. Catering to diverse organizational needs, they offer a broad range of video conferencing options—from projectors and displays to control systems and custom furniture— simplifying operations of latest technologies for sharing ideas.

UAVS uses the highest quality products from the most trusted manufacturers in the industry to ensure a “travel-free” solution by taking advantage of decreasing Internet bandwidth prices. The firm also integrates ‘video walls’—a combination of displays that work in unison—into a variety of environments like command and control centers, lobbies, customer centers, museums, entertainment, retail venues, and other public spaces—bringing attention to visual media, digital information, and video program content. UAVS also offers “Dynamic Digital Signage,” an electronic billboard, changing the way advertising, entertainment, and the information is presented to the public.

Along with digital environments for enterprises, creating “SMART classroom” environments for the education market— supported by certified curriculum integration training and technical services—is another area of the company’s expertise. With products like the SMART Board interactive whiteboard, students can manipulate information on the screen using a SMART Pen, an extension stick, or a finger.

UAVS uses the highest quality products from the most trusted manufacturers in the industry to ensure a “travel-free” solution

Interactive displays, interactive projectors, distance learning, and virtual field trip systems combined with audio enhancement and lecture capture technologies account for active engagement and information management for students—enhancing the digital classroom experience.

Helping the K-12 market stay current with technology, UAVS upgraded 960 classrooms for The Houston County School System in Georgia which is comprised of 38 schools serving 27,100 students. One of the key requirements was simplicity for the teachers—a reliable, user-friendly interface; and the installer—a cost-effective and swift setup with the ability to support future technology upgrades. The “Complete Classroom” easily accommodated the whiteboard, projectors, and other additional multimedia equipment installations. Third-party solutions like the “TruLink A/V Controller” allowed for easy programming and updating options which seamlessly integrated with the ‘TruLink Audio Amplifier,’ providing a maximum sound dispersion. Uniquely designed for flexibility, ‘RapidRun’ was the perfect cabling solution—supporting multiple signal types over a single runner. With the “Complete Classroom,” Houston County Schools are in a better position to manage their technology investments benefiting from frequent updates and support for their instructors using a simple and easy-to-use interface.

With Unified Communications becoming “the norm” in the workplace for effective collaboration, UAVS is spearheading the Pro AV market— enabling communication between employees, customers, and vendors across diverse locations. The firm is also offering a vast variety of OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) AV equipment—set out to address virtually any of the clients’ needs and is on top of technology changes that will help their businesses grow in the future.

Unified AV Systems

Atlanta, GA

Barry Goldin, President

Delivers innovative design, engineering, installation and maintenance services for audio visual communication systems to corporate, education, healthcare, government, military and religious entities